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The Romanian Project Partner, ANTREC Tulcea, prepared a preliminary version of “Project Communication Plan”

The Romanian Project Partner, ANTREC Tulcea, prepared a preliminary version of “Project Communication Plan”

This is a preliminary version of the Project Communication Plan and it is still a work in progress for discussion, debates, improvements and it should be approved by all partners.

The Communication Plan for SILC (Silk Road Local Culture), is aimed, on one side, at disseminating information about the programme and thus increasing the participation into the programme by the potential beneficiaries, resulting into increased absorption and transparency; and on the other side at increasing awareness about the initiative to the general public and the citizens of the regions involved.

Therefore, the responsible Project Partner, National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism – Tulcea Branch (ANTREC Tulcea), elaborated a preliminary version of the Project Communication Plan. This communication plan for the SILC project aims for establishing communication strategies and internal and external channels, i.e. interpersonal, intra-organizational, inter-organizational (considering that the project is implemented in partnership – a consortium made up of 5 partners, each organization being responsible for carrying out the activities provided for the target group in the area they represent) and extra-organizational.

Considering that the project is a multi-regional one and the project management structure is made up of experts belonging to several organizations, and each organization carries out its own internal and external procedures and processes, different deficiencies and procedural discrepancies may arise in the effective implementation of the project. These deficiencies can be eliminated and controlled through a communication plan and strategy that will provide that the necessary information flows both horizontally and vertically, so that each expert in the management team will know their role, responsibilities and decision-making mechanisms. The information flows through communication networks, comprising several persons, groups, compartments, which fulfill both the transmitter and the receiver roles.

The elaboration of this Project Communication Plan is part of the Group of Activities Communication C., Activity C.1 Communication start-up activities, Deliverable D.C.C.1.C.1.3. The document was created in English but it will also be translated in each partner’s native language in the foreseeable future. The translation will be the responsibility of each partner.

You can access the Project Communication Plan here.


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