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SILC partners approved the official logo of the project

SILC partners approved the official logo of the project

In order to meet the ambition of the SILC project, to have the overall desired impact on the Black Sea region and initiate the SILCNECT label and network, the design of the project official logo is completed and fully approved by all SILC partners.

The SILC logo is simple, clear and modern, with a special meaning: five lines and five silk “roads” representing the five partners of the project. More specifically, three “roads” of the EU members and two roads of the non-EU members that merge. The colors have been adapted by the Black Sea program logo, to be visually appealing with EU logo too. The letters also give the acronym of the project.

Thus, the logo is themed, content, color-coded, and it inspires partnership and development, becoming a symbol of a fruitful cooperation.

The elaboration of this logo was part of the Group of Activities Communication C., Activity C.1. Communication start-up activities, Deliverable C.1.1. Design of the project logo. In order to satisfy everyone, different kind of logos were suggested. The final logo that will be used as a flag for the project was the result of a competition for logo’s creation. Specifically, an open competition was held in all partner-countries.

The final official logo that will be used for the SILC project is down below and it will be featuring on all promotional material, presentation, printed material and project’s communication activities.

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