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In its nearly 100 years of history University of Economics – Varna has trained over 123,000 economists, both Bulgarian and international students coming from over 60 countries. Currently the university trains over 11,000 Bulgarian and foreign students. Faculty members are 300, among those 120 are professors and associate professors. University of Economics – Varna has been accredited and certified as an academic and research organization as per ISO 9001:2008. In its bachelor’s degree University of Economics – Varna offers a range of 22 accredited majors in four professional divisions: Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, IT and Computer Sciences. The master’s degree offers 34 master’s degree majors in three types of studies: full-time, part-time and distance learning. The College of Tourism offers training for a professional bachelor’s degree in tourism in three majors. The vision of the University of Economics – Varna is to develop the educational and research potential of its full integration into the European Higher Education Area and enhance its sustainability, competitiveness and international attractiveness focusing on the development of key knowledge, skills and competences of its graduates.

The mission of University of Economics – Varna is to be a leading academic and research institution with a well-established identity in Bulgaria. The University is focused on providing high quality student training in the framework of lifelong learning, conducting significant research and offering competitive solutions with a sustainable economic and social effect in the following fields: – Economics – Economics and Management of Construction; Industrial Business; Economics and Management of Commerce; Commodities Science; Economics of Agriculture – Finance and Accounting – Accounting and Control; Finance; General Economic Theory; Legal Studies – Computer Science – Informatics; Statistics; Applied Mathematics; Physical Education and Sports – Administration and Management – Management and Administration Marketing; Economics and Organization of Tourism; International Economic Relations; Philosophical Sciences The objectives of the University are: – Teaching subjects (in regular part-time and distance learning) in line with leading European educational standards. – Forming the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, high professional awareness and economic culture in its students in order to succeed in a dynamic socio-economic environment. – Implementation of socially significant research activities by conducting market-oriented research in priority scientific areas. – Providing the necessary conditions for growth and professional development of academic and other staff. – Establishment and development of fruitful, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with partners in education, business, public administration and all interested institutions in the country and abroad.

The Department of “Economics and Organization of Tourism” was established in 1967 as the first-of-the-kind institution in the Bulgarian higher education. The Tourism Programme was founded in 1965, again as the first of its kind in Bulgaria. The Department is a primary national centre for professional training of specialists and experts with higher education in the field of tourism. It organizes and implements, within the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics – Varna, training in two majors for Bachelor degree in “Tourism” and “International Tourism” /in Russian language/ and in three majors for Master degree in “International Tourist Business”, “Development of Tourist and Sport Events” and “International Tourism” /in English language/.

Since the foundation of all the majors the department has prepared more than 4000 Bachelor and Master degree graduates, including 300 international students. At the same time the Department of “Economics and Organization of Tourism” is also an important centre for doctoral studies /50 successfully defended doctoral theses/ and for various studies on the problems of tourism science and publishing of numerous scientific works of national importance. The academic staff of the Department of “Economics and Organization of Tourism” consists of 9 lecturers – two professors, three associate professors, three chief assistant professors, PhDs and one assistant professor, PhD. The department team provides students of different grades education in the required and elective courses, forming the professional training of future specialists. All lecturers are not only excellent professionals, but also possess good command of two foreign languages. Department of “Economics and Organization of Tourism” maintains good partnerships with related educational institutions in the country / University of National and World Economy, Sofia University, South-Western University – Blagoevgrad and others / and abroad / Poland, Ukraine, Russia, France, Belgium and others /.


1. 2016, Erasmus + K2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”, Project 2016-1-RO01-KA203-024798 “CIEN – Business and competitive intelligence for entrepreneurship”, UE-Varna is a partner.
2. 2015, Erasmus + K2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”, Project 2015-1-PL01-KA203-0016636 “DIMBI – Developing the Innovative Methodology of Teaching Business Informatics”, UE-Varna is a partner.
3. 2015, Programme BG08 “Cultural heritage and Contemporary Arts” EEA Grants, Project “24-10-M2-6/ 24.04.2015 “Digitalization and conservation of the documentary History of the university of economics – Varna as part of the cultural heritage of the academic community in Bulgaria”, UE-Varna is a leading organisation.
4. 2014, Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level under the EEA FM and NFM 2009-2014, Promotion of European values and in particular history teaching in multicultural society (Priority 2), Project BG01-001/22.12.2014 “Strenghtening students’ adaptation in multicultural environment in the context of international educational mobilities in Europe”, UE-Varna is a leading organisation.