State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education ”Russian-Armenian University”

State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education ”Russian-Armenian University”


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Russian-Armenian University is one of the leading universities in the South Caucasus region, founded under the joint authority of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia in 1997. 5 RAU Institutes with 32 academic departments offer training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. Currently, the University offers 30 Bachelor, 58 Master, 4 one-cycle Master and 54 PhD programs. In average 30% of students enrolled at RAU are foreign students. In 68 program students receive Double Diplomas upon graduation, accredited by both Armenian and Russian Ministries of Education and Science. RAU is one of the few institutions in Armenia to provide multi- and double-degree Master programs jointly with European universities ( Through the implementation of these programs the University accomplishes one of its most important strategic objectives, that is the internationalization of education and enabling the transfer of knowledge between EU and Armenia.

Additionally, it is to be mentioned that RAU has extensive experience in capacity building initiatives by the virtue of participation in various international projects, including EU-funded projects ( The Department of Management, Business and Tourism provides fundamental, methodical and applied scientific researches, it organizes scientific seminars, develops the theme of scientific researches. The main directions of the department scientific researches are the following: the organizational and technological problems of service and tourism; hotels and restaurants; competitiveness and sustainable tourism destination; creation, advertising and promotion of tourist products and competing the brand of Armenia in the international tourist market; development of tourism infrastructures; insurance activities in tourism, etc. The department is also developing cooperation with State Tourism Committee of Armenia, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technologies, ANS – Air Network Solution LLC Official consolidator of Sabre Travel Network in Armenia, leading travel organizations, the hotel-restaurant organizations and other organizations of tourism industry, in which students are getting some academical, industrial and pre graduating practical skills. With the same purpose there are also held additional activities, such as the organization of tours of different orientations and organization of activities aimed at the preservation of cultural and historical monuments and sustainable development of tourism.

The department prepares specialists in the following programs: • Bachelor’s programs: «Tourism», «Hospitality», «Service», «Management» • Master’s programs: «Tourism Management», «Technology and organization of services in tourism», «Strategic management», «Project management», «HR Management», «State and municipal management» • PhD program: «Economics and management of the national economy (by industries and spheres)» including Tourism and Hospitality It should be noted that RAU graduates hold leading positions in all the above organizations. Since October of last year RAU has become actively involved in the program “The Western Silk Road Tourism Development Initiative” developed by UNWTO in cooperation with the European Commission. RAU conducted a SWOT analysis of the Western Silk Road Brand at your own national level. The main aim was to identify which are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the Western Silk Road tourism potential of your country, with a particular focus on what will be the impact of creating and using a Western Silk Road Brand in your country. According to the results of research RAU was invited by UNWTO to participate in the 1st International UNWTO Western Silk Road Workshop held on 26-27 April 2017, where under the initiative of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece was discussed “The Silk Road Local Culture”-SILC project idea. The role and responsibility of RAU in the project is to coordinate the work of WP2: Silk Road survey and baseline study, which includes: • identification, documentation and mapping of Silk Road cultural heritage, tourism value and related entrepreneurial potential, in the study areas of all partners involved (Baseline Study) • survey of stakeholders involved in culture and tourism entrepreneurship in all study areas. Also, RAU will actively participate in all other WPs of “The Silk Road Local Culture”-SILC project.


Promoting Migration Studies in Higher Education, Beneficiary Organisation: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Eramus + CBHE (KA2) (573554-EPP- 1-2016- 1-GE- EPPKA2-CBHE- JP)