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D.C.4.3. Bulgarian cultural tourism portal READ & TRAVEL presents SILC Project

D.C.4.3. Bulgarian cultural tourism portal READ & TRAVEL presents SILC Project

The international project “SILC Road local culture” SILC at the University of Economics – Varna, is implemented since the beginning of 2019 and continues under the Joint Operational Program “Black Sea Basin 2014 – 2020”. Its duration is 30 months with the participation of teams from five countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania and Georgia. The leading partner of the project is Aristotle Unversity of Thessaloniki – Greece.

The objectives of the project include identifying, documenting and mapping the cultural imprint of the Silk Road, assessing and revealing the development potential of the areas that fall into the ancient trade route; creation of a virtual observatory – an innovative tool for information, which aims to form interesting destinations and to promote the unknown and unused cultural heritage at local and interregional level along the Western Silk Road; creation of an entrepreneurial SILCNET network, in which uniform standards of tourist service and tourist products will be applied, the members will exchange and share their knowledge and experience, etc.

For the first time within the SILC project, a distinctive sign (label) will be created for the entrepreneurs on the Silk Road. The SILCNECT Entrepreneurship Label is a certification system for entrepreneurs who offer travel products on the Silk Road. The aim is to create a common instrument for stimulating local economies and creating synergies between the countries of the Black Sea basin. In turn, the activities for training entrepreneurs to acquire SILCNECT Label will help create ideas for innovation, cooperation and trade connectivity among businesses in the field of tourism.

Program: Joint Operational Program “Black Sea Basin 2014 – 2020”

Budget of UE-Varna: 198 110 Euro

Duration: 30 months

Implementation period: 2018 – 2021

Funding: 100%

EuropeanNeighborhoodInstrument (ENI): 92%

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Territorial Cooperation Management Directorate: 8%


Greece, Aristotle Unversity of Thessaloniki, Lead Partner

Bulgaria, University of Economics – Varna,

Armenia, Russian – Armenian Unversity,

Romania, National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism, Tulcea branch,

Georgia, International Center for Social Research and Policy Analysis.


Source: Read & Travel Portal, Bulgaria

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