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Silk Road Entrepreneurship Network



International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Research Committee – Special Account for Research Funds, School of Economic Sciences

State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Russian-Armenian University”

University of Economics – Varna

International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis

National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism, Tulcea Branch

Summary description and objective of the work package

Silk Road Entrepreneurship Network Implementation activities introduce the creation and establishment of a sustainable collaborative network among stakeholders activated in the Black Sea, aiming to increase the economic impact on the region’s tourism and cultural sector. The proposed interregional network ‘SILCNECT’ aligned with Black Sea Basin expected results for stronger cross-border business opportunities in the tourism and cultural sectors, is structured in a way to ensure a clear cross-border impact on Silk Road tourism entrepreneurial initiatives. The main objective of SILCNECT network is to develop a consistent strategy towards the enhancement of Silk Road brand-awareness. This collaborative network will facilitate the sharing of experiences and expertise and encourage professional cross-border cooperation aiming at adopting a coherent joint marketing strategy for promoting Silk Road entrepreneurial initiatives. SILCNECT network shall reinforce local and interregional entrepreneurial synergies by developing, introducing and implementing a Cooperation Memorandum to be adopted by SILCNECT entrepreneurs.