SILCNECT Label Guide Development



University of Economics – Varna


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Research Committee – Special Account for Research Funds, School of Economic Sciences

State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Russian-Armenian University”

University of Economics – Varna

International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis

National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism, Tulcea Branch

Summary description and objective of the work package

The Black Sea basin can be regarded as a “strategic bridge” connecting Europe with Asia to the Caspian Sea, Central Asia, the Middle East and with south-east Asia and China. The region is also an expanding market with a global geopolitical role.

The objective of this group of activities has a twofold orientation. The first one is to strengthen the ties between nations by establishing the entrepreneurship label of SILCNECT for industries, SME’s and entrepreneurs that deal with Silk Road products. Moreover, the label will be an initial effort to connect and develop vital common financial and tourism culture connection along the Silk Road routes.

The proposed label will become an “umbrella” for development initiatives at cross-border and transnational level within the Black Sea Basin.

In order to achieve that, the networks created during previous group of activities will be exploited and will be used as an incubator for the SILCNECT label creation and establishment. In those entrepreneurs training activities, will take place, expected to enforce and establish a common “Silk Road” culture.

This culture will be sealed with the establishment of a long-standing partnership agreement. That will be also a major part of the sustainability and transferability activities of the project.