Silc Road Local Culture

Cultural Tourism on the Black Sea Basine

Silk Road

Silk Road Local Culture project is to promote economic and social development throughout the Black Sea Zone and reinforce the tourism development and cooperation of tourism entrepreneurship related to the Silk Road heritage. The core axis around which the project’s actions will be deployed, is the creation of a Tourism Intelligence on the Silk Road cultural heritage located within the project study areas, and the evaluation of the potential of the Silk Road cultural footprint over the eligible Regions for tourism growth, interregional cooperation and cross-border partnerships.



Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basine 2014-2020

Programme priority is to promote business and entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin Programme and the specific objective priority is to jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors.


The project focuses on the Silk Road cultural networking in the Black Sea Basin Region, a Region with rich cultural heritage.


The main aim of the project study is to analyze the untapped cultural tourism opportunities that exist along the Silk Road in the project study areas and to identify the prospects of creating new tourism
entrepreneurial networks based on the Silk Road cultural heritage.


The added value occurring from this project is that it will create and establish stronger cross-border business opportunities, a common entrepreneurial label plus transferable cross border knowledge in the tourism and cultural sectors in the project study area, through achieving joint promotion of business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors ensuring a sustainable and viable tourism product that will enhance and diversify tourism offer in the area.

Mapping and cultural footprint of the Silk Road

Identify, map and promote the Silk Road cultural footprint and tourism growth potential. Then, establish a cross-border, interregional network of local culture and tourism entrepreneurship to support the development of local entrepreneurship based upon the Silk Road heritage. Finally, develop and promote a label of cultural and tourism entrepreneurship based on the Silk Road genius location.

Establishment of a cross-border, interregional network of local culture and tourism entrepreneurship

SILC project aim is to develop such networks and empower local entrepreneurship to utilize the positive economic impacts and other externalities. Networking will be provided through an on-line platform that will be available and easy to replicate also in other areas. Target groups of the SILCNECT are local tourism and cultural entrepreneurs. Partnerships will support Silk Road cultural tourism development and strengthen cross-border business opportunities in the tourism and cultural sectors.


Development and promotion of a cultural and tourism entrepreneurship label based on the Silk Road local cultures. The label aims to develop a vital cultural, financial and tourism connection between silk-road routes among partners. The SILCNECT label will be a recognizable and established brand to highlight and promote important cultural, historical and geographical characteristics of the involved areas through a unique participation and promotion scheme.


Lead Partner

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Research Committee
Special Account for Research Funds,
School of Economic Sciences

Project Partner

State Educational Institution
of Higher Professional Education
”Russian-Armenian University”

Project Partner

University of Economics
– Varna

Project Partner

International Centre
for Social Research
and Policy Analysis

Project Partner

National Association for
Rural, Ecological and
Cultural Tourism
Tulcea Branch

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